Styling a White Tshirt

On the days when you're struggling to find something to wear, whether its to run errands, night out with the girls, or going to a meeting. Owning a white tshirt can make life so much easier, creating plenty of outfits for all occasions.
Slogan tees have become a form of self expression, having a phrase you love making the statement for you. This became really popular in 2017, with people going for the high end brands like Supreme or others going to somewhere like Primark for a more affordable fit. Now you can pretty much go to any retailer and find one that you like.
So combining both and having a white tee with a slogan on it is a wardrobe must-have. Check how I've put together some looks below for all occasions.
Going to Work / Meeting
Style white t shirt
I've always felt it's better to wear clothes not so tight fitting when it comes to a professional environment, although still wearing a fit that compliments your body shape. A cinched waist and flare skirt does the job for me. Leather can come across quite expensive looking, even if you only paid £5 for it on sale like I did. The Yeezy-style sock boots I probably wouldn't wear to work but definitely gives you an extra classy look if your going to a meeting. First impressions matter!
Popping to the Shops
When your heading out to do some bits on the road, you want to be in something that doesn't take much effort and is easy to move around in. Especially if your trying to rush out the house, you don't want to be spending 10 minutes trying to squeeze into your tightest skinny jeans. Go for Boyfriend or Mom fit jeans, paired with a fluffy slider to jazz it up and your good to go.
Girls Night Out
Yellow fluffy cardigan
When it's time to dress up all you need is a statement piece, whether it be your footwear, outerwear or bag. One item can transform your whole look, plus a cute heel to strut your stuff in. Find a similar style cardigan from Missguided or PrettyLittleThing.
So you get the drift... You NEED a few white tees in your life! Some alternative looks below.


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