Bye 2018 Fashion Trends

Bye 2018 Fashion Trends

First off, Happy New Year everyone! Now that we’re in 2019 its time to round off and say a huge Bye 2018 fashion trends. Without fail each year we go through these crazes that take over fashion for the moment, then blow over onto the next thing. Sometime I look back and think did I really like that? Or was I just convinced with the fact it was so popular? Being honest some looks are worn-out of and I’ll be glad to see the end of. Check out below what I’m saying the biggest GOODBYE and FAREWELL to, and the ones I may just hang on to.


Question. Where on earth did Fendi come back to life from? It was an instant movement starting with your favourite celebrities kitted out. What made it so apparent was the fact it wasn’t subtle at all, it was head to toe Fendi, socks included. The original print being brown, compliments darker skin tones well, so it didn’t look to overpowering on a lot of people. Now what I was slightly confused by was later in the year they came out with a collection that looked oh so familiar. Who remembers rocking Fila back in the 90s? Why did the design look exactly like it? Is that even allowed? I know for a fact half the people wearing it, would not be caught dead in it if the logo was Fila. Shows how powerful brands and celebrity influence is.

Tiwa savage fendi

Animal Print

Trends from decades ago always do a full circle and come back in fashion, so it wasn’t too surprising to see animal print all over the shops. I mentioned this on a previous blog post “Top 5 Autumn Fashion Must Haves”, check it out if you haven’t already. I have never really been a fan of the zebra and leopard prints, but snakeskin seemed to be reinvented in such a trendy way in 2018. How it was paired with current fashionable pieces is what I loved and I fully embraced it. My favourite being the brown, tan and khaki leather trousers, came across super high end when worn with a cute heels. Follow Alice on Instagram for more fire looks (@aliceoliviac)

Snakeskin pants blogger

Oversized Trainers

Now this would be my least favourite. Can we leave this behind? I still struggle to understand why anyone would want to wear such huge, bulky trainers instead of something nice and neat. I’m not sure where it started from but I would say Kanye West with the Yeezys played a big part. Who knows! But Balenciaga was what everyone was wearing. Then all the online retailers came with their versions as they usually do. Whether designer or not, I’ll pass. Each to their own though I suppose.

Balenciaga trainers


Are we tired of the headbands yet? Gucci had everyone wearing them from the ladies, to gents to even the kids. They can make your hair look decent on a bad hair day, maybe cover your forehead if you’re insecure (which you shouldn’t be), all in all I do like them and it gives outfit’s an extra piece of flavour as accessories are supposed to do. It doesn’t even have to be Gucci, the head scarf you wear to bed can do the job. I’ve surely done it before and it looked cuuuuute.

Is there any trends I’ve forgotten? Let me know what you think, and let’s hope 2019 brings all us fashion junkies, more thing to obsess over.

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