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Met Gala: 2018 vs 2019

In the UK, the first Monday in May, we have our bank holiday May Day. Which also happens to be the same day as the most anticipated fashion event, The Met Gala. Every year I’m…

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Bye 2018 Fashion Trends

First off, Happy New Year everyone! Now that we’re in 2019 its time to round off and say a huge Bye 2018 fashion trends. Without fail each year we go through these crazes that take…

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Christmas Party Looks

Do you have your Christmas party looks sorted yet? With Christmas fast approaching, apart from the food and the presents, it’s also a time of lots of parties. Whether it’s for a brand, work or…

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Black Friday Discount Codes

SHARE THIS PAGE WITH ALL YOUR FASHION LOVING FRIENDS! Black Friday is finally here and I have all the discount codes you need below to fill up your closets! I’ll be updating this page all…

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My Dubai Discoveries

‘Dubai has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit and after seeing a good deal online, it was time to go. Hearing so many good and not so good things from everyone, I was eager…

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