Christmas Party Looks

Christmas Party Looks

Do you have your Christmas party looks sorted yet? With Christmas fast approaching, apart from the food and the presents, it’s also a time of lots of parties. Whether it’s for a brand, work or family/friend event, if you’re feeling festive, I’ve found the looks that will have you appearing your best this season.

DISCLAIMER: The “season” does also include the New Year, so don’t think you can’t shine all the way through!


I think sequins is the number one festive look. If it’s not normally your thing, use this opportunity to shine bright. Sequins done the right way will have you looking expensive, when you only spent £20. I say the right way because some sequins come across super cheap and messy. To stay safe, go for a deeper tone, which gives off one or two shades. More than that and you’re heading towards over kill. Wunmi’s pictures and outfit are always quality. Check her out to find more looks you’ll want to recreate (@wunmibello)party Sequin dress high neck


Jumpsuits are a good option if you struggle to put looks together. Personally, one with a flare leg gives off a classier vibe. Given that it flares from the hip and not the knee, this makes such a difference. Bandage and velvet materials make colours appear richer, feeling fabulous is key. Seeing Ruby in this made me go on House of CB to buy it, talk about influence! Always taking levelling up when it comes to fashion (@rubyholley_)

party House of cb jumpsuit


Two Piece Set/ Co ord

If you rather not have your bare skin on show, I wouldn’t blame you as its freezing outside. This is the type of outfit you need. How nice is this two piece? So sparkly but yet so smart and sexy. It’s giving me Christmas glam without the tackiness that may be associated with the word. Love, love, LOVE! To be honest, an outfit as good as this needs to be in your wardrobe regardless of the time of year. Sarah-Louise with the matching cheek highlight glowing right back at us. Follow her for all the style and beauty inspiration(@slcaldon) & (@Sundarbay) party Glitter two piece



Clearly I have a colour scheme that I’m loving because these pinks and burgundies seem to be attracting me first. This dress is from the TopShopxHalpern collaboration, the idea of sequins and leopard together sounds horrible but somehow it works so seamlessly. I’m not one for wearing prints but I’d definitely wear this one. Look at Shewa Jay’s physique in this dress! Forever girl-crushing over on her page (@shewa_jay).party Topshop sequin leopard dress
Now this last dress is not just for Christmas but would be ideal for celebrating your birthday. I’ve seen this in both mini/midi form and they both look amazing on. A common trend I’m finding is a deep plunge top, get you some good boob tape (Eyelure) or deep cut bra (Wonderbra) and everyone’s able to wear it. Zeena wearing Perspex heels with this just allows the dress to take all the shine. Follow her on insta for more looks (@zeenaxena).party Sequin midi dress

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