Curvy Girl Problems- Denim shorts PT 1

Curvy Girl Problems- Denim shorts PT 1

A lot of us ladies have been blessed with a more curvaceous frame than the typical model you see on the runway. Whether you’re a size 6 or 16 we still deal with some of the same issues. Although I consider my curves a blessing, it can be a nightmare shopping sometimes. So in this series I’ll be testing out our high street brands looking for the best fit for us curvy girls.

I’ll be going on holiday soon and finding a pair of good fitting denim shorts is essential. It gets annoying having to rely on American brands like Fashion Nova. From guessing your size, receiving those last minute custom fees through your door or the extra long delivery times.
So I went on a mission to find the perfect shorts, have a look below at my best and not so good finds.


I really didn’t want to discredit any companies but Primark really let me down. The sizes may go up to a 20, but in terms of fit, they do not cater to curvy girls at all. I tried on everything, and either they didn’t pass my knees, or was just massive. So bad that I couldn’t take any pictures. So don’t bother wasting your time in looking!


I had high hopes for Topshop as I know there jeans come in a wide range of fits/styles. I was instantly drawn to these once I saw the elastic band waist; ( you know elastic/ stretch is a curvy girls best friend). The paper bag style is something different to your usual denim short. These had a slightly loose fit, and was so comfortable that I can let go of the fact it gave me a small kangaroo pouch. Click here to purchase.

The standard Joni jeans are the go-to high waist denim for curvies, so I was eager to try them on. Unfortunately they were way too short than what I would be comfortable in wearing, but they fit like a glove. I wasn’t really after the hotpant fit anyway. “Joni Short”

I accidently deleted the side view of these which would of shown the large gape but if your after a more boyfriend fit then go for these. I sized down just to have it look more snug.

“Ashley Boyfriend Shorts”


I found the shorts in Missguided quite stiff, making them harder to put on, and squashing my bum a bit but they did look pretty good. Considering my waist to hip ratio jump two sizes, the waist wasn’t that bad. A belt would sort out the small gap. (The gape is bigger than what is showing in my pic)

“Vintage Wash roll up denim”

These tassel black shorts came with a matching tassel bralet which would look cute but it was just the bottoms I was after. The waist was HUGE! It even looked silly with a belt but the fact that it had the extra detail, and was comfy on my thighs; I’m contemplating getting the waist cinched in by a seamstress. “High waist fringe denim short”


Its only been a few months since I first heard of this store but thought it was worth a try. Trying to figure out my size using their size guide took a while but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Very good quality, a true denim, the waist wasn’t gaping too much and I didn’t mind that it wasn’t showing my full curves.

These had a slight stretch in them, were also a nice thick denim, affordable and were longer than any other I had tried, which would save me having to pull them down every second. Happy I found these!

“High waisted denim short”


I tried on loads of shorts in the stores, but the posts are only of the ones that actually fit alright. I hope this has helped some of you when you go on your next shopping trip.

Click Here to view PART 2! So much more great finds!


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