Curvy Girl Problems- Denim Shorts Pt2

Curvy Girl Problems- Denim Shorts Pt2

THIS IS PART 2, so if you haven’t already, click here to read PART 1.

River Island

Over the years, River Island have evolved and become very inclusive in the range of clothes on offer. This year in particular, I noticed at least three new denim shorts fits which had me eager to try them on. The first shorts I saw passed my stretch test on the hanger but felt very tight on. (They are classed as a hot pant so I guess that’s why). Sitting down in these won’t feel so comfortable around the crouch but I’m sure if you’re going to be up and about, then you’ll be fine. “Mid Blue Hollie Hot Pant”

I wished these looked as good on as they did on the mannequin, the acid wash and side slits were right up my street. The hopeful person in me thought maybe the slits might give my bum a bit more space to breath but I was wrong… just squashed it flat instead. No thank you! Saying this, I know a curvy girl with a different body proportion than mine would be able to rock these. So worth a shot! “Mid Blue distressed High Waisted Shorts”

I never even knew Miss Love Island host Caroline Flack had a collaboration with River island. It was all pretty much giving me summer holiday vibes. Lots of colours and floral prints. She had two shorts in her collection, the nicer pair was a boyfriend fit so I sized down. The front makes it look like they fit really good but that gape behind was too much to deal with. “Caroline Flack Denim shorts”


For the simple fact that these said high waisted with a cheap price tag I thought why not, but no, these were boxy and unflattering on me. They wasn’t described as a mom denim, but I assume this is what they fit like on someone with my shape. “High Waisted Turn-up hem”

Now these bad boys! I didn’t even check what size these were before grabbing the last pair on the rail. I fell in love with them straight away. If I could design my ideal denim short, these would be it! The distressed rips, the light wash, the longer pockets showing through the bottom! 10 out of 10! I have to say it was a tight squeeze BUT I don’t care, I can sacrifice that for the style. “High Waisted Vintage Shorts”

One thing I love about shopping at bershka is that they understand that using elastic in clothes is what we need for the best fit. I mean even for the ladies who aren’t curvy, it works for them too. These black shorts came in several colours, was cheap, fit good, and stretchy. I’d class them as a basic but also a must have for a casual day in the sun. “High Waist Shorts”

The last pair I tried on did not disappoint. As soon as I put them on I started dancing. Super stretchy, super soft, cute high waisted style. Fit like they were made for me, no gape what so ever! EVERY CURVY GIRL GO AND BUY THEM ASAP! The best fit I’ve had in years! “High Waist Roll-up Shorts”


Oh how I have been sleeping on you. I haven’t bought denim in from here in years because they always used to rip easily, except for one pair of shorts that I’ve somehow been wearing forever. To my surprise I looooved 2 out of 6 of what I tried. Such a huge variety, literally something for everyone. As you can see below these fit amazing, I just wasn’t the biggest fan of the colour but I can get over that. Product code:0657063002

Last but certainly not least, I fell in love with a fit yet again. Although the bershka verison of these fit slightly better as they wasn’t as tight, it’s worth still getting the H&M ones, to have five more shades to choose from. They look just as good on. Super super happy! Product code:0554479005

I hope this has made your life much easier, and tell me what you think if you’ve tried any of the shorts I’ve suggested. If there are any stores/fits you want me to try, give me as shout!

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