My Dubai Discoveries

My Dubai Discoveries

‘Dubai has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit and after seeing a good deal online, it was time to go. Hearing so many good and not so good things from everyone, I was eager to find out what it’s really like.

The best advice I can give to anyone is to do your own research. If you want to make the most out of your trip you need to plan. It’s not one of those countries that you get a hotel on the “strip”, and everything is a short walk away, NO! Start doing your Google searches, get good recommendations from family and friends. YouTube really helped to get a real idea of things, watching loads of vlogs.

One major concern was clothing. Hearing that residents and tourists need to be covered from head to toe. Opposed to wearing minimal clothes in every other sunny holiday destinations, it definitely had me shopping, as I didn’t want to offend anyone. Let me tell you THIS IS NOT TRUE! Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t wearing bralets and batty riders, but my shoulders and knees were definitely on show. Just be respectful, of course if you’re visiting a religious domain be covered up, other than that, be free.

Being able to book a few things in advance for better deals worked so well, and for the remaining activities, I still planned a daily schedule.

Zero Gravity is a popular beach club which provide music, food, swimming pools, cocktails, water sports on the beach and overall good vibes. Often they have parties in the evenings so check them out on Instagram to find out what’s on.

zero gravity dubai

The Dessert Safari was such a great experience, I would highly recommend booking with a company called OceanAirtravel. The package we picked included so much for such a good price and the team were extremely punctual and professional. The day consumed of quad biking, dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding , dancing entertainment, a tasty buffet. Also getting picked up and dropped back to your hotel. By the end of the day I was knackered and fast asleep on the ride home.

desert safari

Atlantis Waterpark is said to be the best water park in Dubai filled with waterslides for both the thrill seekers and scaredy cats. I would search for a promo code online to book beforehand as I personally think it could have been cheaper.

Based inside the Emirates mall, Ski Dubai gives you a unique experience if you want to try something different. The slopes are for those who already ski, but there’s so much other fun things to do.

The Gold Souk. I got myself a custom-made 18 carat necklace for a fraction of the price they’d charge in the UK. Try negotiating the price as they always start higher to see how much they can get. Also, don’t be so quick to purchase without going into several of the shops to see what on offer.

gold souk chain

Last Tips

  • At the Dubai Mall, every 10 minutes there’s a lovely water fountain show which lasts around 4 minutes. Go & watch it in the evening to see all the pretty lights including the Burj Khalifa lit up ( tallest building in the world).

water fountain show dubai mall

Burj kalifa dubai

  • Taxis in Dubai run by meter and are pretty cheap. Only use ones with a taxi sign on the roof, as the “luxury” taxis charge more for no reason.

  • During peak traffic times, try using the metro (there train system). It’s so easy to use, super quick, very clean and works out cheap if your travelling a distance.

  • Fly with Emirates Airlines! I flew economy but it has to be the best flight I’ve been on. The food, tv entertainment, seats and staff were amazing.

Fair to say I had a great time and will 100 percent go back some point. Still a few activities I ran out of time to do. I could go on & on with recommendations on things so instead feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know.

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