Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day! February 14th is when all the lovebirds come out to play. All over our social media feeds are roses, chocolates & smiles. If you don’t have a valentine this year, or your not into the idea of having a valentine, then just love on yourself abit more than usual. Nice outfit to work, treat yourself to extra tasty lunch, maybe a bright red lipstick, or if your anything like me, wearing your cutest gym co-ord to work out this evening.

I couldn’t let this day pass without sharing my favourite celebrity couples that have been slaying with their fashion choices solo & together recently. #relationshipgoals #couplegoals all over the timeline.

Cardi B & Offset

2017 was a big year for them both, with big success in their music, major appearances/ opportunities, and of course getting engaged. Offset wears outfits that a lot of rappers would never be caught dead in but executes them effortlessly. Cardi always looks good switching her looks from bad to boujiee (pun intended) when she feels like it.

Jhene Aiko & Big Sean

They are soooo sweeeeeet. Reminds me of teenage love every time I see pics. Jhene tends to have a flowy, hippy vibe to her fashion and whatever Sean wears always compliments it. I’m just here waiting for the TWENTY88 album.

Cassie & Diddy

I guess today he’ll be referring to himself as “Love”, Diddy (@diddy) comes across as the loud one in the relationship, and Cassie (@cassie) the cute quieter one but her looks lately have been the epitome of fashion. Absolute perfection, I’m almost positive all eyes are on her when she enters the event. Having her fly fella on her arm can’t do no harm!

Beyonce & Jayz

Now for the king & queen, Bonnie & Clyde, the #powercouple of the century (to some), The Carter’s! We all know they like to keep a private life so when seen out It’s always a statement. Beyonce (@beyonce) stole all our edges during Grammy weekend, seen in three different outfits, all of which had her body looking saucy. Jay knows he’s married to a fashionista and follows suit when out with wifey.


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