Turning 25!

Turning 25!

Happy birthday to me! 16, 18, 21 are all milestones we get excited for when we’re young. For me it was turning 25! You plan out everything you wish to accomplish by 25, leave home to buy your own house, have a baby with the love of your life, and on a 50k+ salary. As unrealistic as I find this to be now, their are definitely people my age that are achieving just this, and salute to them.

My path on the other hand has gone nothing like this but I’m now so happy with the path I’m on. I know exactly what I want to do, where I want to be, and I’m enjoying the journey getting there. It’s taken me so long to reach this point, so much that I haven’t wanted to celebrate my birthday in about 3 years. This year that all changed, their was no way I wasn’t going to enjoy my 25th at such a thriving time for me.

So I decided to throw myself a big all white party to celebrate with all my family and friends. I had a beautiful dress made by an incredible young designer LCobbina (@lcobbina) who I found via Instagram. She puts so much detail and effort into her designs not to mention how nice she is as a person. Whether its your birthday, baby shower, wedding etc I recommend all you ladies go to her.

Onto my cake, made by the talented DrizzleDrop (@drizzledrop_xo). Seeing her business, baking/decor skills improve over the years makes me so proud. She keeps it professional with all customers, and will fulfill all your cake needs trust me!

Below are some pictures of my cake, dress, and the best birthday bash ever!

Shots taken by Chantelle Simpson.

birthday dress

happy birthday

turning 25 birthday dress


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